In 2003, Reiko decided to venture into the world of music, first taking classes in a school for dj `s in Mexico City, where he met dj Agave giving a good communication from the outset and decide form Colectivo Agave¨ which lasted only shortly by the lack of concern by other members of the group.

In 2004 Reiko begins to know that change gender perspective in every area and begins to spin L-Tech and Tribal Techno being a major influence on future years to his career.

In the year 2006 is to Gauss and this gives to form a internet radio project called Radio sonpax, Reiko gladly accepts and joins the program of emissions as a guest and then as part of the team,This phase culminated with a small commemorative celebration.

In the same year is also transcendental as it begins to explore music production taking classes in G. Martell school where he took some workshops and begins to manage software like reason,ableton live and cubase.

As early as 2007, Reiko is part of an agency in Mexico PLURMX call first entering a competition, and days later consolidated as part of the core team, this did not last long as gender differences have ideas was remarkable since the concept was more than Trance.

Immediately after the year 2008 formed another group called Dj `s club was minimal importance in the race Reiko for it decided to form his own called Altered Fiction booking a proposal seeking trends provide a sound experimental and hard as Industrial and Dark Techno taking on their lists dj `s and producers with quality and proposal.

In 2008 he started in the logaritmica label, stamp which had rare opportunities Reiko may participate in several national events representing the seal.


ome other important projects were collective Paranoid where Dj Sodio and were working with parties in the Estado de México. In 2010 collaborated with Balankin in the label ¨Zua Records¨ and ¨Madness Series Sessions¨ with Compressor.

Also having a hard work in the production and representation at parties by the City and Mexico, with Kory and Compressor Brothers.2011 is the year along with H. Paulworks closely remixes by becoming each other and collaborating with cutting-edge ideas, always following the line hypnotic, visceral and cold provided by the Industrial Dark Techno.